Papua Mining plc is an exploration company with projects in Papua New Guinea in the Ring of Fire region, exploring for large scale copper-gold porphyries similar to Grasberg, Bougainville & Wafi-Golpu and major gold deposits such as Ok Tedi and Lihir. The Company commenced trading on the AIM exchange on 2 March 2012.

Papua Mining plc em i wanpela exploration kampani we i gat projekt long Papua New Guinea long hap eria ol kolim long Ring of Fire. Kampani i mekim wok painimaut long ol ston na graun we i gat bikpela copper wantaim gold, wankain olsem long Grasberg, Bougainville na Wafi-Golpu na tu ol bikpela gold diposit olsem Ok Tedi na Lihir. Stock Exchange long London i bin tok orait na long 2 March 2012, kampani i bin go insait na wok bisnis.

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