Group Strategy

The Group’s strategy is to explore for and, where the Directors believe that it is commercially feasible, develop deposits of gold and/or copper within the territory of PNG. It is the Group’s intention to conduct its activities in a professional and responsible manner, for the benefit of the Company’s shareholders, its employees and the national and local communities within which it operates.

Bikpela wok bilong Grup em long wok painim aut, na sapos ol Directors i ting olsem dispel wok bai i gat kaikai, Grup bai kirapim wanpela gold or copper mine insait long PNG. Strong pela tingting bilong grup em long behainim stret lo na olgeta gutpela pasin bilong bisnis long olgeta wok bilong em. Grup bai was gut long ol wok pasin bilong em wantain Gavman na pipol na mekim bisinis long stretpela pasin tasol. Kain gutpela wok pasin nao bai halivim ol papa bilong Kampani na ol wokman